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Kachina Properties

Kachina AZ

Kachina AZ emerges in a similar location and elevation to Mountainaire AZ, its next door neighbor. Although, Kachina sits on the opposite or west side of the main corridor, I-17, from which the community can also be accessed. Like Mountainaire, Kachina has a small, secluded character, but has a mountain bedroom community charm all its own. Kachina properties include a diverse assortment of lovely homes in a well-distributed composite of neighborhoods. Kachina, Arizona also goes by the name of Kachina Village where it often gets noted on maps.

The community lets residents live in removed, natural surroundings, while providing close proximity to the Northern Arizona hub of commodities, services, schools, attractions and real estate in Flagstaff.  A beautiful niche of forest and meadow, brook and hills, Kachina Village includes cozy, attractive homes and cabins on pine-dotted lots.  As with many other markets of Northern Arizona real estate, Kachina properties often appear in log cabin and rustic charm. They also appear next door to Forest Highlands Flagstaff, a premier golf course community. Forest Highlands claims a generous expanse of landscape north of Kachina properties and numerous luxury homes with forest, lake and golf course views.

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The community provides a bounty of opportunities for peaceful, country living, comfortably removed from the bustle of concentrated city life. At the same time, it remains within about a 20 minute drive from important job, services, shopping and education centers in Flagstaff. Kachina AZ, again, known interchangeably as Kachina Village lets residents and home buyers look forward each day to living close to the heart of  indomitable beauty, in mountain splendor. Kachina properties sit amid pure, pine-scented breezes, under bountiful blue skies. Access to delightful surprises in the natural surroundings with trails abounds. Hiking, biking and horseback riding provide adventurers and nature lovers with cherished experiences living the good life. Find out more.